Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Almost Happy Ending

'Their relationship is going into a year, now', she suddenly realized. No matter how she discouraged Gregory, her son was still going steady with that girl. 'Argh!' She's just an average little wretch, nothing compared to her family's status. She couldn't, for the life of her imagine what made Gregory fall so deeply in love with that witch. Had she poisoned her sons's mind? It is likely! "What do I do to break them apart?"
"Maybe I can help.", piped in a voice from behind her. She looked and saw a black, smoke-like silhouette in the shape of Ursula the sea witch. "Wh-who are you?", Mildred nervously asked. She was afraid that Death would come and fetch her so soon, without her making the life of that girl a living hell. The floating something moved towards her. "I am the Spirit of I-hate-almost-happy-endings.": It turned around once and continued,"If my calculations are correct, he would propose very soon. I can see that he loves Sonja and is very happy with her." Mildred snorted, "He was tricked, hoodwinked!"
"You don't have proof, now do you?"
"Err... Not yet."
"Because of me, you will, in front of Gregory's eyes."

She felt so blessed to have him. If only his mom could like her even a bit. Well, only the Lord can change a person's heart and mind. Aunt Mildred will soon see that Gregory and she were great together, she will take care of him, make him happy for life. One hand holding the ribbon around the box of the cake, another hand in Gregory's, him beaming at her as they ascended the steps towards the mansion. She could tell that today, Aunt Mildred might change her perspective.

Gregory nudged Sonja and she carefully handed his mom the cake. "It's your favorite, Aunt Mildred, mango cream." She took the box without a word and untied the ribbon. "Rosalie!!!", she bellowed, "Get the knife, plates and forks for the cake!" There was a scurrying sound and Sonja craned her neck to look at the helper at the same time she heard a loud bang. She looked around while Aunt Mildred screamed blasphemies and her gaze fell on the face of Gregory's mom covered with icing and bits of cake. "Gregory! Son! Look what she did to me. Ahhh!"

His mom never was their cause for an argument until today. Sonja sighed. Her defensive trail of thoughts was soon silenced by overwhelming sadness. She glanced at her tear-soaked pillow. Gregory will know the truth. He has to.

Gregory inspected the box. As if the secret will come out of it, Mildred snatched it away from his son's grasp. "Sonja did it on purpose. Admit it! She hates me, son." "Of course she doesn't, mom. She's kind-hearted and sweet. There must be something wrong with the cake itself. How could she have put something explosive in it when I accompanied her in buying the cake? She was even the one who thought of bringing home something for you."
"Then that's her ulterior motive, to sabotage the cake."
"Why do you keep thinking of the worst in people?", Gregory sighed. "Sorry to be harsh but, has it ever occurred to you that that is the reason why dad left?" Mildred bit her lip.

Sonja was vindicated, God answered her prayer. Gregory stuck by his decision to love and trust her. Even though at present, there's an obstacle in their relationship, together they will overcome that.
The Spirit of I-hate-almost-happy-endings screamed and dissipated through the ceiling. Mildred did nothing but watch in open-mouthed astonishment.

Inspired by: My very good friend's life event and an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog

Monday, January 3, 2011

What Happened?

It was a nice night for a leisurely walk, but he wouldn't even hold her hand. She could hear another piece of her heart breaking off. Sure, they had a delicious dinner of pizza and pasta, but they didn't talk much. He doesn't even want to maintain eye contact with her.

After a shower she couldn't really enjoy, she curled up on the arm chair beside their king-sized bed, her pen poised above her journal. She watched his childlike face and listened to him snore softly, while about to encode an entry about him. 

"I don't know what happened. What did I do wrong? I have tried to be a good wife, fulfilling all my duties. What was lacking? Why is he treating me this way? What has caused this alienation? And from my own husband! Less than a year of being married to each other, and this is what happens. Where is the honeymoon phase they were talking about? I don't understand anymore... If this is what it's like to be married, I shouldn't have said 'yes' to him. What..."

Her vision started to blur and she realized that big, fat drops of tears were rolling down her cheeks onto her journal. Her chest was aching due to crying in silence. She felt that she had to get away from this place, from his side... Her hand flew to her mouth. OMG. Was she thinking of legal separation? No! That's wrong. Or not? What if he has another woman? What shall she do?

Opening her underwear drawer, she placed her journal beneath the articles of clothing. She couldn't sleep, she wondered what was next in her life... What she could do now is to trust God and keep praying that He will touch her husband's heart.