Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Peek At Kelly's Diary

Dear Diary,
You know that I have been living here in Sheetrock Hills since forever and that Manny and I have know each other even when we were still small. I have always imagined him being my prince. Now that we're all grown up and have businesses of our own, I wonder when he will notice me. I mean, really notice me, not just as a friend or a supplier. Didn't he ever wonder why I don't let him pay for the stuff he purchased? Can't he feel the overflowing sweetness dripping from my voice when I talk with him?

It is frustrating that I am doing everything I can to impress him but it doesn't motivate him to ask me out. This includes showcasing my talents at dancing, organizing and especially windsurfing, which I make sure Manny sees. And I don't think I ever failed to have what he needs for a repair or for building something. Even the tools think I am amazing!

What else do you think should I do to encourage him to court me? I really, really like him! I think the whole town is aware of that, except Manny.

I can't go after him just like that! Contrary to what you might think, I am still an old-fashioned girl at heart.

handy manny and kelly