Monday, July 17, 2017

At The Corner Bookshelf

Addie stepped out of the tall building, where the workshop she attended was held. She pushed up the long sleeves of her black and cream striped top as the afternoon sun baked the city. Hurriedly, she crossed the pedestrian lane of the busy street.

Wind chimes sounded over her head as she pushed open the glass door of the corner bookstore. Relief at the blast of cold air flooded through her. On one side and covering the wall were art supplies. Shelves occupied the center and another long wall to the right, filled to the brim with books. Addie picked up a pack of colored markers, looked at the price, then walked over to the counter and paid.

When she placed her change inside her wallet and her package inside her large bag, she walked over to the books and tilted her head to read the titles. She picked up one book, looked at the cover then flipped it to see the back description. She returned it to its slot. She picked up another book, did the same, put it back and picked up another.

Flicking her wrist to check the time, Addie pouted thoughtfully and felt she should be getting home before the sun sets. But, she also felt drawn to be in the bookstore, loitering... Perhaps waiting. For what? She shrugged in answer to her own question.

There was another tinkling sound and Addie's pulse quickened. Someone she couldn't see walked into the bookstore and her heart raced. Time seemed to freeze except for a girl in the corner who sat cross legged on the floor. An assortment of notebooks was arranged in front of her and she was placing more. The sound of her beating heart in her ears was so loud that Addie was sure others could hear it too. Addie looked at the girl's face to check for confirmation, but the girl kept her gaze on the items on the floor.

Addie's head snapped back in the direction of the door. An invisible force was pulling her towards it with each measured step she took. A lifetime seemed to pass until she stood in front of the stranger with wavy black hair and rich chocolate brown eyes framed by black rim eyeglasses. A guy version of herself.

Silently, Addie inhaled. Then, she breathed out words that make absolutely no sense. "I have been waiting for you all along."

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